Intellectual Authenticity
70% of the workforce will experience imposter phenomenon - the fear that their achievements, successes, and skills will not be enough for the demands of their jobs and that one day they will be found out to be a fraud. This fear that they are not good enough can have devastating effects on individual careers, departmental and business success, and the culture of the organization.

Intellectual Authenticity transforms fear into confidence.

Businesses with Intelligent Authenticity foster transformative cultures of creativity, continuous improvement and innovation, and happier employees.
Leaders with Intelligent Authenticity inspire safety, mastery, focus, loyalty, and accountability through integrity, transparency, and connection.
//Fear destroys business growth, profit, and peace.
Fear of success. Fear success will not last.  Fear of failing. Fear of giving or receiving feedback. Fear of not being seen as good enough. Fear of being seen as more competent that one feels.  Fear of inadequacy. Fear of growth. Fear of taking a risk.  Fear of making the wrong decisions.  Fear of asking questions. Fear of getting in trouble.